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Google for Mobile 2015 – Event Report

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Google for Mobile 2015

@ Web2all private limited

@ Date: “Oct 31, 2015”

Session Conducted by Senthil Kumar (GDG Madurai Organizer), Heera, Prahatheswari, Nirmal and Karthickraja (GDG Madurai Members)


The Overall summary about the event is making people to understand about App Development, Engage, Earn and held workshop on Implementing Google Maps API’s in App.

Target Audience:

Students / Developers from various colleges in Madurai. We estimated the count will be around 20+ and eventually we turned up with 30+ students and cool developers.


Senthil Kumar –Introduction to Google for Mobile India Story

Heera – Google Maps Challenge

Prahatheeswari – Getting engage your user through Google ads

Nirmal – Mobile site powering your Apps [Develop]

Karthickraja – Ad mob smart monetization platform



Event Registration

Event Page:

Event Photos

Event Report:

  • We invited 50% Professional developers and 50% student developers and few startups
  • We had 50% Women Participation.
  • We were live with Hash tag: #gdgmadurai on Twitter and Google+.
  • Developers learned how to use Google analytics, GoogleAdmob and Google Adsense API
  • They used Google MAP API to build the web application which show their home location and address in Google Maps
  • Everyone created the web application using Google map API’s
  • All the project developed during the hackathon session is available in Github as an open source project for future development.
  • They hosted their application using Gdrive as a hosting service. Here is the list of the all the application hosted during the event

Event out Come:

Name Hosted URL

Few statistics:

# Participants Registered 67
# Participants Invited 50
# Participants Attended 32
# Women Participants 19

 Participant’s details here

Gdrive URL:

Food & beverages:

# Cool drinks & Pizza 32

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