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Design of Things

Event Date : 23.01.2017

Event Topic : Design of Thing

Event Venue : ANJA College, Sivakashi

Event type : Full Day Event

Event Description : The objective of the event is to create awareness about technology and introduce the design thinking process to solve the real world problem.

Report By – Mr. Harish Balan ( ) –  Student Participant at the Event

“Last day session  was very innovative.There are many talented students are in southern side.But they don’t have any opportunity to prove their talent.Some like Mr.Senthil Kumar came forward and gave a opportunity like this.This will help students to develop their skills and also gave an experience for us.Also the session was about the open source.I know little bit of things about open source.But that session gave me different ideas.It was very useful to know the current technology.

Mr.Senthil Kumar’s speech was very interestful.I don’t get bored even a fraction of second.I had never attend such a guest lecture.So im very happy with that session.”

1.    I feel excited.

2.    Nearly 100 friends participated.
3.    It was a 3 hours session.
4.    It is useful to know about open source and some concepts like lamp,mean.
5.    I don’t know in what way I would contribute You.If you tell me i will definitely contribute with you.
Design of things – ANJA College – Sivakashi


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