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Members Name College  &  Year Knowledge
1.     Harish M CIT ,  III, Chennai Java Developer
2.     Rajeshwaran R ANJA , II, Sivakasi Web, Android Developer
3.     Bhargavi KR  CIT,  III, Chennai Java Developer


Haniesha M: Feedback


CIT-Industrial Boot camp :

First day of my boot camp in NASSCOM Google Device Labs…Had a nice day and have known many things about meet up (me too mentor), Github, GDG, BlogSpot, Word press, Google I/O.

Started created own layout and website for a team of startup named Techno joy.

Team members: K.R.BHARGAVI   & R.R.RAJESH

Happy to be a part of this boot camp…



Designed minimal posters and website… builder digital resume by our own and had a very good experience   and had many interaction sessions with various startups…..had a great exposure in NASSCOM Bangalore.




Hosted my digital resume and also had a video session of various startups. Interacted with a new startup brother named Mr.Sathish Nagaraj. He is just 23 years old and inspired with his stories and got many references to study and also taught tricks for cracking the campus interviews.




Interaction is something about giving and getting of knowledge … around 10,000 startups were there in NASSCOM 10000 STARTUPS we had a very good experience in talking with their own stories which are inspiring….




DAY 5IMG-20170219-WA0012

Known how to host in github.. we interacted with two startups one is letme getme and the Touch Wizard up was owned by Mr. Sunder Jaganathan (owner of around 4 startups).got an idea of how to think out of box and to do projects as products… A very good exposure about the virtual reality and augmented reality.

 Rajeshwaran Feedback:

Boot Camp at NASSCOM

Day:1 – Google Developers ( GDG ) Start-up boot camp at NASSCOM

I had attended Boot Camp At NASSCOM. I’m happy to post my review here.

I already know the some of the topics they discussed with us. But I enjoyed the way Mr.S.Chathiswaran sir, Mr.Saravanan & Mr.SenthilNathan sir discuss with us.

They discuss their experience. I can’t find out the any -ve in them. Because I’m hypnotized in their session.

The session was in an impressive manner. I learned a lot. My expectation are always learn new things. Today also I’m going to attend the session with same expectations.

Day:2 – 2nd Day in Startup… (My session, minimal poster and Web building)

yesterday I got an opportunity to share my 1 year of experience in an android platform with my colleagues. I had taken more than 1 hour of the session yesterday… I’m very happy to take that session.
We all learn how to design a minimal poster after my session. that session was taken by Mr.Senthil Nathan bro… really it was awesome…
In the afternoon session, we all are designing our own resume site for hosting… I think today we hosted it… I’m waiting…

Day:3 – Start-up Motivation

Today was really awesome. Mr.Satheesh bro gave an awesome inspirational speech to us. His speech was like a storm. He motivated us with his life experience.
Mr.Satheesh bro gave an idea to start a startup. On that moment I think for one second. why shouldn’t we start a startup? But I need some experience for that.  But I can try my best.
He shows some inspirational startup videos (like Zoho, fresh deck, for us. That was superb.
That was inspired me.
I had an opportunity to show who am I to Mr.Satheesh bro and Mr.Senthil Kumar bro.
This was the biggest turning point in my life.

Day:4 –  Interaction with the StartUp at NASSCOM

I think today my colleague are enjoyed a lot. Today we all are hosted our website in Firebase. These websites contain our digital resume. This was my first website that hosted with my bio and my digital resume.
Today we had an opportunity to interact with the startups. my team interacts with 3 startups. In these 3 startups, I had an opportunity to impress boss of the startup. First I explain my work with one of the startup member. Then her another team member leave his work to come and interact with me. Then he asked me to interact with their boss Mr.aashish. his boss had an important call. But he spends his time to listen to me. He told, “Now we are expecting young developers”. I’m very nervous when I discuss with the Mr.aashish. But I spoke fluently in English. I can’t believe that I spoke English as well as what I thought. He gets my number for contact. I want to thank Mr.aashish for listening to me and my ideas. Now he had my number.
Today is also an awesome day in my life. I’m very happy to share my experience with you all.
And also to we got a T-Shirt of NASSCOM. I enjoyed a lot today.

Bhargavi KR Feedback

Experiencing a new world and having great time here. happy to part of this. Gaining knowledge about new things on my first day of this camp. Excited for second day.


Formed a team with my friends and doing the work with enjoyment.

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