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OutofBox @ ANONYMOUS Team Feedback

Team Name: 

Members Name College  &  Year Knowledge
1.     Rajesh A  Vel Tech, III , Chennai Core site
2.     Nithya lakshmi KB CIT III, Chennai Development
3.     Maha Lakshmi M ANJA , II, Sivakasi Web development


Nithya lakshmi’s Feedback

I have attended boot camp in Nasscom. i am very happy to be part of this . i. had came to know many new things .

it was very interesting and it gave me an idea about new things and how I should develop myself for future . we learnt about meet to mentor,github and creating a blog, this is my first day experience.


later on second day we formed into a teams and learned about doing posters in photoshop.we all worked as a team in doing posters .my team done a poster about thupakki film. it was a different experience. We also leant about android from our friends by discussing am very happy tht i created my own BlogSpot .


next day in nascom senthil sir came and he gave more ideas for us. one more person came his name is sathish .he shared his experience in MNC and start up. he gave us idea about start-ups in freshdesk.he also shared about some websites  in data structure. After his speech my goal his i need to join in that start up. during evening we attended a presentation .and we got some ideas about geometrical structures in 3d version in app


In this day i got confidence in myself uploaded my digital resume in fire base. after that we have interacted to start-ups by asking about their apps.we got their mail ids. we also came to know about digital marketing


We got some more ideas in ios and android. We got interacted to sundar jaganathan .he gave ideas in virtual reality and augmented reality.

Mahalakshmi’s Feedback

First day Session in Industrial Boot Camp


Yesterday I att ended Industrial BOOT Camp at Nasscom. Mr. Chathiswaran and

Mr.Saravanan share many thing with us. They told us, form a team with 3 members and my team members are me, A.Rajesh and K.B.Nithya Lakshmi.

Really it was a new experience to me. I learned many thing from that session. Mr.

Chathishwaran told to create team website with co-ordination.

Second day session

My Friends Rajesh and Harish Balan shared their experience. We create minimal poster with the guidance of Mr SenthilNathan.This is our minimal poster created by our team.

Third day Session

Hi Friends, Today I learned many thing from Mr. Senthil kumar and Mr. Satheesh. They inspired me. Mr. Satheesh subscribe a website for Problem Solving.

Mr. Satheesh and Mr. Senthil interact with us. They told about Start-up and share about his

Experience with us. Today session was new experience to me. Today I decide what is my future? And Where I’m going to work?. Thanks for giving this opportunity

Fourth day session

Interact with the Start-up members. This is very new experience for me. I met Mr. Goutham. He is one of the Start-up Member and he create a new app for jewellery shop. He shared his experience with us. I hosted my own digital resume with the help of Mr.Saravanan and Mr.Senthil Nathan in firebase platform. My digital resume url

Rajesh’s Feedback


This is the first experience in NASSCOM environment. Day-1 has completed with lot of experience and knowledge sharing. Hope this boot camp event will give lot of exposure for my career


Today I learned about minimal poster design by using Photoshop cs6. My friend Rajeshwaran has taught about android app development and I learned to build digital resume using templates.


Hi friends,

Today’s session in NASSCOM was an awesome experience.

Mr.Senthil Kumar
 who is working as a GDG community manager-Madurai, gave an inspirational speech regarding start-up companies and digital marketing.

Mr.Satheesh worked in FRESHDESK, Chennai and currently running a start-up company shared his wonderful experience to develop a start-up company.

It was a nice experience to attend the seminar about COMSOL SERVER. We got a great exposure today. Hope this BOOT CAMP event will create a great impact in my career development


Yesterday the industrial boot camp in NASSCOM, Bangalore has completed with the experience of web hosting and interacts with the start-up companies. I have hosted my digital resume by using fire base console.

Thanks to Mr. Saravanan and Mr. Senthilnathan for guided us with lot of patience and motivated us to get interact with the million dollar start-up companies.


I met one of the startup companies who is developing a software based project, has shared their knowledge. The software is useful in the field of jewelry marketing which is under development using php language. The major advantage of this software is that its fully customized by the clients. It was a nice experience to interact with them and sharing knowledge.

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