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Outofbox @ Insomniacs Team Feedback

Team Name : Insomniacs


Members Name College  &  Year Knowledge
1.     J.Ashok ANJA , II, Sivakasi Web Developer
2.     Harish Balan S ANJA , II, Sivakasi Developer
3.     Karthik Raja P  Vel Tech, III , Chennai Core Site


Karthik Feedback


I am karthik coming from Chennai to participate in the industrial boot camp by google.I am pursuing my B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Vel Tech Multi Tech Engineering College ,avoid.

                      This is my first experience in the Google developers platform in NASSCOM.Yesterday’s class was very useful. I have learned many new things. staffs are very interactive with me. I have gained lot of experience gained by interacting among the students from various places. I learned many from them.



Mr.Senthilnathan explained about the Web designing, material design, how to do minimal posters and how to create a poster. How to work with the Adobe photoshop.Mr.Saravanan gave me a template for the digital resume and told about how to edit the resume.



On this day Mr.SenthilKumar sir had come. He was working as a app developer in google.He shared his experience with me and gave lot of ideas about career development and Mr.sathish from Fresh desk visited NASSCOM and gave a wonderful speech. He delivered all his experience. He shared all the difficulties he faced before getting job. Now he was a start-up and developing an app. he taught about how to be a start up and shared lot of websites to place on big organisations. The information’s delivered by him inspired me very much.



Today I learned about hosting the webpage. I hosted my digital resume into the webpage using Firebase. Registered the Github.Interact with the start-ups in the NASSCOM.They shared their experience with me.I learned many from them. Most of them are App Developers.

I met one developer who is from Salem. He was developing a jewellery app for their company. He shared all his experience with me. That is six members team. Then i will meet a developer from a company called TAPBOX.He explained me what are the software’s they are using for developing an app.

Then i will meet a fashion designer who was designing the shopping app for example the apps like MYNTRA.


Harish Balan’s Feedback




This Google internship program was very useful to know about what is start-up?.Our resource persons told a lot of technical keywords which are very useful to our career. From  this program i came to know about the importance of team work .

Things that are learned


This is a most important thing I have learned in this program. In this site all the data structure algorithms are explained clearly. There are more than 200 algorithms are in this site.

Digital Marketing

This session is carried out by a Senthil Kumar. He told us about what is digital marketing? And he gave about some idea of digital marketing.


Digital Resume

In this program I designed my digital resume and host it using a fire base.


It is more important to learn about Github.Because in industry level it is used for code transformation.

Experience with experts

Some experts like Senthil Kumar, Satheesh shared their experience and told that how to make decision in life.

Interaction with start-ups

There is lots of start-up companies are inside the NASSCOM.There is no restriction to interact with them. They treated us like a friend.


Finally the overall session was very much useful to us. I hope I will make some impact on my future and thanks to Saravanan and Senthil Nathan for take over us for a week and gave as a golden times.


Ashok’s Feedback


1st Day at NASSCOM

Yesterday I attended the First day at Nasscom Industrial Boot Camp. I really

enjoyed that whole day. Mr.Chatiswaran sir & Saravanan Sir guide us really well. I

like the way they give us a work and separating us as a team. I am looking excited

for the remaining days.


2nd Day at NASSCOM

Yesterday in Nasscom Mr.Senthilnathan Sir explained well about designing,

material design colors and minimal posters. In the afternoon session we did a

digital resume using template given by Mr.Saravanan Sir. Completely enjoyed the

whole session.


3rd Day at NASSCOM 

In the 3rd day at Nasscom Mr.Senthil Kumar sir came. With him Mr.Satheesh bro

came who is a startup CEO in his earlier carrier he completed B.E (C.S.E) and He

worked in freshdesk. He gave such a motivation talk about his career and all othertrending Stuffs and how to pass out the MNC interviews. At the end of the day  we are really motivated and boosted up.


4th Day at NASSCOM

In the 4th day at NASSCOM we hosted our digital resume which we prepared

Earlier guided by Mr.Saravanan Sir then in the afternoon session it’s very

Interesting and feeling lucky to interact with the million dollar start-ups, we interact with them and we had a clear idea of them,how they work ,what they work and they made a start up.








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