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Outofbox @ Lordzz Team Feed Back

Team Name: Lordzz

Members Name College  &  Year Knowledge
1.     Angel Pushparani CIT ,  III, Chennai  HTML, CSS, Java
2.     Bharath K CIT ,  III, Chennai Arduino, Raspberry Pi
3.     Meenakshi  ANJA , II, Sivakasi  HTML, Web developments


Bharath’s Feedback

Day 1: Today is an wonderful day we met lots of new people and we came to know about many events that take place in GDG from which we can be improved today session was very wonderful its a lots of fun over there and the team we joined was a new experience we shared many things among us and it is a very nice experience and the projects u told about was very impressive we would like to do more projects like that


Day 2:The day was awesome we created our own profile and we made our own poster and we communicated with each other our friend rajesh took seminar on the topic of android hey explained a lot about android Harish took a seminar about saas it was a lot of fun


Day 3: The day was started with a wonderful speech given by senthil sir then we discussed the problem we faced out side the world her shared his experience and inspired us then he told about the hackathon event and how to win it .Then a motivational speech given by a starter sathish bro it was a great motivation by him he told about the 3 ways to become startup and to mnc and big companies and they tell about the codes and how to crack the interview

Day 4: yesterday was an beautiful we hosted our resume and we came to know about fire fox and hosting in the morning session in the afternoon we went to meetup the starters they were very interactive they shared many experiences about their startup then they gave many ideas to do startup one company ventosour inspired me very much their name was different and their idea also then we interacted with an intern from France hey created an app in voyage app its an nice we meet the start up outside the nasscom they were very happy to see them and to interact them

Meenakshi’s Feedback

First Day(13/02/2017):

Me and my friends attended the first day of Industrial Boot Camp@ NASSCOM, Bangalore. We learned a lot. Mr.Chathiswaran gives us an orientation about the Industrial Camp. And they  built a team with 3 members combining with other colleges for interaction. And then they gave a task to built a website  for the team with their details using html ,css like web designing scripts and they helped us when we asked any doubts. Mr.Saravanan helped us to built a team website. Both  Mr.Chathiswaran and  Mr.Saravanan told about hackers earth, technovation, GDG ,tensorflow ,themeforest etc….

Second Day(14/02/2017):

In second day, we learned how to create minimal posters and how to built digital resume with the help of Senthil Anna and Saravanan Anna .We built digital resume with the help of templates. We create minimal posters with the Photoshop and interact with colleagues by helping. They also discuss with us about freelancer, true lancer etc…Then My Colleague R.Rajeshwaran  taught us Android app Development as an Overview. They cleared doubts also which we asked us .

Third Day(15/02/2017):

In third day ,Mr. Senthil kumar  and Mr.Sathish interacts with us. They shared their experience about Hackathan. Their interaction inspired us .They also taught a lot. Sathish anna taught about help desk which me and my colleague asked him for that. Sathish anna played  fresh desk, zohodesk youtube videos  for us. Then we attended the session about COMSOL .

Fourth Day(16/02/2017):

In Fourth day, my junior take a session about MIT app Inventor. He taught  an Overview  about it. Then we host our built website wih nodejs to firbase. And we interact with some of the startups  like eventosaur, voyage up ,autowiz. in…..Then I asked some doubts in designing based ,he cleared me and guide me.

Angel’s Feedback

I am  very happy to be a part of this  industrial boot camp-NASSCOM..It was very useful and I learnt many new things like technovations , GDG community, hackerthon..Got many new friends and they teach us alot which we do.  know..And I got some ideas about the digital marketing, startup companies, GitHub and so many things.. If I got another chance surely I’ll come and attend the camp..Thanks alot brothers for the wonderful one week session…


DAY2 (14-2-27):


In second day ,we learned how to create a Digital resume.And we create a digital resume by the use of templates.And they told us about the free lancer,character design.And they teach us to do minimal poster.And we learned so many things like silhouette, github, padding, margin, firebase.




In  third day, Mr.Sathish and Mr.Senthil brothers teach us a lot about the startup companies , digital marketing and freshdesk .And they presented a video about the fresh desk, zoho

company and startup videos.


DAY4(16-2-17):In fourth day, we hosted our website and resume in firebase .And in the noon session we went to the startup companies to interact with them. And  they shared a lot about their project works.


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