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Women Entrepreneurship @ Nadar Sarswathi College of Arts and Science

About the Event

This event is to kick start the Women Entrepreneurship and Opportunity for girls in Social Media.

Event Details

Date :  17-Feb-2017

Time : 10.00 AM to 3.45 PM

Venue : Nadar Saraswathi College of Arts and Science College


Time Topic
10:00 -10:25 AM Inauguration and Felicitation of the event by College management
10:25 – 10:35AM Motivation talk about Women in Tech by Mr.Senthilkumar
10:35 – 11:00 AM Break
11:00 to 11:30AM Mr.Senthilkumar shared his Industrial experience
11:30 to 12:15PM Power of the social media and opportunity for Girls in technology.
12:15 to 12:45PM Awareness about College girls scholarship in technology
12:45 to 1:30PM Awareness about worldwide technology contest and women in start up
02:00 to 2.15PM Mr.Chathishwaran shared about technovation challenge
02:15 to 02:30PM Networking and Team Name discussion
02:30 to 02:45PM Top 10 upcoming Google Products
02:45 to 03:15 Design of things with hands on experience
03:15 to 3:30 PM Networking and registration for Technovation 2K17

What happened in the event

Cloudy morning – Sunrises in the High Wavy Mountains, is a cool and misty mountain range situated in the Western Ghats in Theni district. Its unusual looking. Getting excited lot in Nadar Saraswathi Arts and Science College.

A strong girls looks a challenge in the eye and gives in the wink. Yes, Power of the girls is entering into the college. The session title is “One day National Level Seminar in – Social Media Security Policy and opportunity for women”

Unbelievable moments happened in Nadar Saraswathi Arts and Science College. The hall fully filled with future youngest entrepreneurs and scientists.

Morning 10.30 Inaugurated by Mr. ASR Maheswaran, Secretary. Felicitated by Dr.S.Chitra, Principal and Mrs.Gomathi, HOD- Computer science

After the break 11:00am session has been started with enthusiastic conversation between Mr.Senthilkumar and students about hiring method of current situation.

MrSenthilkumar explained about GHCI, Womenintech, We Tech, Womenwhocode, Outreachy, Railsgirls and various scholarship from technological event in world wide . The future entrepreneurs are – “YES we will do it” came out from every student when she empowered/motivated the girls students, clarified huge interesting conversations raised by students and explained the importance of girls to learn the technology.

Students got much insight into the program by having a look into the videos that demonstrated about various technological events and how previous girls got motivated after engaging in the various events. Professors were excited, and they agreed to give their full support to encourage the girls.

Design is crucial part of everything. Mr.Senthilkumar shared about Design of things and how do we design a project as per law of design. Every idea is generated by some of the incident, yes we have to identify any problem as an idea then solve the problem by design of things.

Girls got idea about Brainstorm, Market analysis, Paper prototype, UI/UX, PPT Prototype, Testing. Girls were feeling amazed.

This Girls can, let’s do it. Mr.Chathishwaran Shared about technovation challenge, metoomentor and import ants of girls in technology.

Data can be shared by anyone in the world, possibility is every should be collect that by Google only.Mr. Senthilkumar shared top 10 upcoming products by Google.

Future entrepreneurs were form their team with team name and colour

S No Team Name Team Colour Team Lead
1 Speak Blue Sangeetha
2 PS Royal Blue Soundarya
3 JIO Green Deva
4 Rocking Red Haripritha
5 Legend Tiger Purple Deepika
6 Joy Orange Surathavani
7 Enlighber Golden Valarmathi
8 Answer Blue Priyadharshini
9 Jelly Black Keerthana
10 Spot time worker Pink Lavanya
11 Smiley Lavender Durga
12 Rest Aqua Suriya
13 Adomath Lightgreen Anuja
14 Friends Black Lavanya
15 Foxy Ponch Radium Lakshmipriya
16 Dora Puji Multicolor Sathana
17 Fire Pink Rajeswari
18 S5 Guys Purple Sasi Bharathi
19 Rocking Students Pink Priya
20 Motto Ash Nivetha
21 Mission Impossible Merun Mega
22 Always smiley Purple Priya
23 Sweety Grey Tamilselvi
24 Available Sky Blue Priya
25 CS Cuties Sky Blue Hema
26 IT Rockers Black Vinitha
27 S3 Guys Lavender S.Pavithra
28 Blue dolls Blue Manonmani
29 VIBGIOR Black and white Vanathi
30 Protocols RGB Kalaivani
31 Who Up White Mathunga Birundha
32 Comedy Junction VIBGIOR Jeya Bharathi
33 Last Bench Genius Rainbow Aarthy

Event Report

  • We invited 300+ students from Nadar Saraswathi Arts and Science College
  • We had 100% Girls Participation.
  • We bring awareness about girls in technology
  • How to be an entrepreneur using Social Networks
  • Everyone showed interest and will be get scholarship from various event
  • Important of Design of things
  • Aware about WeTech, RailsGirls, GHCI, Outreachy
  • Faculties are aware by  various online course like Udemy , Udacity, Coursera

Meetup Link

Women Entrepreneurship with GDG Madurai @ Nadar Saraswathi Arts and Sci College.

Friday, Feb 17, 2017, 10:00 AM

Nadrar Saraswathi Arts College
Vadaputhupatti, Theni, Tamil Nadu 625531 Theni, IN

1 Metoomentor Madurai Went

National Level Technical Seminar in Social Network – Privacy and opportunity for women.This Event is going to be identify great innovator and entrepreneur girls. Bring various opportunity awareness and make a wonderful technological platform.

Check out this Meetup →


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